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Monday, October 19, 2020

Elf shape and stay wax brow

 Hi, glam

     In makeup Eyebrow is my favorite part, I always prefer my eyebrows should be perfect in my makeup, After 35yrs our eyebrow hair won't be thick like a young age due to hormone imbalance, sometimes our growth of hair density is less, no worries dear makeup products are there to overcome. 

Today review about elf eyebrow wax shape and stay.

price $4.00

  • My experience with elf wax pencil was amazing it helps to hold my eyebrow hair in one place for the whole day.
  • The price was very less and very affordable to repurchase.
  • The wax pencil doesn't have any fragrance.
  • It has a clear wax pencil which easy to use on the eyebrow.
  • I highly recommend this eyebrow wax pencil.

Monday, October 12, 2020


  Hi, glam one of my  blog readers asked for a few tips and tricks on how to avoid eyeliner smudges,

Tips of the day

  •  Try to use pen-type eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner.
  •  After applying eyeliner, dap your eyelid with powder to avoid smudges.
  •  Use waterproof eyeliner. 
  • Finally after finishing your makeup use setting spray on the face to stay your makeup longer. 
  • All these tips I tried worked for me.
  • I hope it helpful for girls, bye take care.

My recommendation  for buying the best eyeliner in the drugstore,


Monday, October 5, 2020

Maybelline lash sensational washable mascara in new look

 Hi, glam,

        How are you all doing? After the corona pandemic presently life is back to normal, so let's continue my makeup products review!! My Makeup won't complete without a mascara eye look, yes mascara plays a vital role in the makeup. As I said before in my post-Maybelline is my all-time favorite products especially mascara, I always go for Maybelline lash sensational. Recently I bought this new improved version of Maybelline lashes washable mascara, let's see its worth for the price.

price $9.99

shade - very black

  • Lash sensational for full fan effect with Rosehip oil to condition the lashes for an even softer feel.
  • This mascara was easily washable with waterproof.
  • The wand of mascara separates my lashes with full fan length, incredibly looks beautiful.
  • It doesn't irritate or smudge the eyes, very clean look at end of the day too.
  • I feel that the mascara was pigmented we'll get a smooth finish.
  • The price is very affordable to repurchase 👍
  • I like the very black shade it really enhances my lashed clearly.
  •  I have been using this mascara for the past three years I love it.
  • The mascara won't clump up and leave my lashes to look longer.
  • I personally like the previous design of the wand and packaging, other than nothing cons about the product.

My final verdict,

  I highly recommend this washable mascara every day or occasionally it perfectly suits all the time.
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I hope this post is useful to you guys bye take care.