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Sunday, November 10, 2019


Hi glam winter started we need lip balm  to keep our lips hydrating ,so today blog post review about Revlon lip balm.

price $ 3.49
shade - strawberry
Available shade - 5

My experience with this lip balm,
. This lip balm  color is sheer and juicy color.
. The shade is very pretty and moisture.
.  Its hydrates our chappy and dry lips, but i won't say it stays for 24 hrs its a pretty decent lip balm.
.  If you want you can re apply the lip balm on your lips.
.  It has pretty decent  color shade.
.  This is my second purchase I already tried shade cherry .
.  Even though there are many brands are available in market and i tried many lip balm ,but I always   feel comfortable on my lips  when ever i wear this product.

My final verdict is I highly recommended this product to every one must buy and share your experience with me bye take care.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

L oréal Infallible pro last Eyeliner/ water eyeliner

Hi glam this blog post going to be very helpful for who love to wear water liner or kajal on eyes.
Most of them like  too wear eyeliner it define our eyes .so lets see further about the product.

Loreal infallible pro last eyeliner

shade i got black noir 

My experience with this eyeliner ,
   1,First of all this is water proof eyeliner its doesn't smudge whole day and it stay whole day until you remove.
  2, The color is black very creamy eyeliner its like penciltype.
  3,This is best for water liner also i use both outer liner as well as inner line eye liner .
  4,It make my eyes bigger when i define my eyes using this product.
  5,If you have hooded eyes then this product works great on everyone.   
  6.I highly recommend this product to everyone.

I have small i always like to  wear eyeliner due to my hooded eyes sometimes i try to avoid wearing eyeliner, Recently I found this trick applying eyeliner on inner liner of my eyes not outer liner on my eyelid.
  Below I posted my image of using this product  left side of my eyes checked it out guys, must  try this product and post your suggestion and comments below bye .


Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Hi glam winter started we search for good face cream and body cream ,There are many creams are available in drugstore we confused about which one is good to buy. Recently i am using this two product so i want to share my thoughts about this two products ,I hope this post helpful to everyone.

ponds cream price - $5.69,

Nivea soft price - $4.99



lets compare both cream 


PONDS                                                                                                            NIVEA 

ponds cream is very thick but soft and smooth cream.      Nivea cream is very light 
It keep my skin hydrated all time.                                       It also stay hydrated all day.
It doesn't crease the skin and  feel moisture all day.          It doesn't crease the face .
Best cream for dry skin not for oily skin.                             Best cream for normal skin. 
The price is Little bit high compare to nivea.                      The price is not too high . 


 I like both products  i use ponds in night time skin care  and  morning i use Nivea cream. so i finally recommend both products to all girls. If like my page post your wonderful comments below bye take care.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Hi glam since winter started lip become dry and chappy  i prefer Revlon lip balm. This winter  i want to try new brand ,so this particular brand liked by all the beauty lovers  {BURT'S BESS }, so i want to try this product lets see its worth for the hype or not .

This particular lip balm is ward winner lip care

                                                      BURT'S BEES  

price - 4.99 
My lip balm shade - RHUBARB

Available shades - 14 
check out the their official website i link down below 

My Experience with lip balm,
  1,First time when i say this lip balm i think its worth for $5 very tiny looks how long it comes,because i use everyday ,but read many good reviews about this product.
  2, My first impression is  very creamy and moisture balm.
  3,This product contain Shea butter and antioxidant rich fruit oil moisture it nourish and soften the lips naturally.
  4,It has minty scent  it shimmer our lips each every time when we use.
  5,This shimmer is enough for me for daily wear  very creamy and shine , moisture that's keep the my lips all day  with soft and shine.
  6,The shade i got perfect for me it looks  like i am wearing lipstick .


If you like my blog page post your comments below see you in next blog bye take care.